Our Team: The Heart of Community Action

Employee of the Year

Since Gabe started working here, I have seen him grow tremendously. I know when he comes to work every day, he is going to represent CAPCA and its core values to the utmost degree. He shows compassion and empathy for everyone.

Gage Simon
Employee of the Quarter
Junea Eubanks

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Rosanna Hamilton

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Gabe Simon

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Jeanette Jackson

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Dominique Allen

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The Leah Farris Heart of Service Award

Leah Farris was a longtime volunteer and substitute teacher in CAPCA’s Head Start Program. Leah greeted everyone with a huge smile. She had a true heart for the children, the families, and the staff that could be seen and felt daily through her acts of kindness. Leah was always thinking of others. She would even take it upon herself to make sure the children had winter coats. She loved bringing the teachers little gifts or supplies to brighten their day and show how much she cared. No matter what the obstacles of the day may have brought, Leah always showed up when needed, and gave her best to support to the staff and the program. CAPCA created this award to honor her and her memory.

2023 marked the first annual Leah Farris Heart of Service Award. The award goes to a CAPCA volunteer, or non-CAPCA staff member, whose heart of service consistently goes above and beyond. A person who is kind, thoughtful, joyful, and compassionate. A person who is committed to making a difference every day.

The 2023 Leah Farris Heart of Service Award winner is Ms. Nancy Bynum.”

Staff Spotlight

STAFF SPOTLIGHT ∙ Ashley Reed has served as Center Manager at the CAPCA.

  • What is something that would surprise most people to learn about you?
    I have over 70 pair of glasses.

  • How do you spend your weekends?
    Trying new restaurants when I can.
  • What was your first job?
    Cleaning homes.

  • What is your favorite food?

  • Best advice you have ever received.
    Never let anyone tell you What you can & cannot do.