5,500 Families Served in 2020

CAPCA provides programs and services which support the needs of low-income individuals and families in our communities. We partner throughout the community to educate, empower, and help lift individuals out of poverty through the provisions of wrap-around services and referrals

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Since 1965


CAPCA is dedicated to helping citizens in need by providing a range of services and resources to support their journey out of poverty. These services can include access to education and job training programs, financial assistance, housing support, and more. By providing these resources, CAPCA is helping to create a level playing field and give individuals the tools they need to succeed. Ultimately, the fight against poverty is a collective effort that requires the involvement and support of individuals, organizations, and communities. By working together and providing the necessary resources and support, we can help individuals and families break the cycle of poverty and achieve greater success and stability. 

Goal 1: To help low-income individuals and families with financial assistance, housing support, and education and job training to achieve stability and economic security. 

Goal 2: To partner with local organizations and community leaders to address the needs and challenges of their communities, including improving access to healthcare, education, and employment, and revitalizing community spaces. 

Goal 3: To empower and engage low-income individuals and families to build opportunities in their communities, helping them identify their strengths and skills and supporting them as leaders in positive change.

Vaccine Equity Project

CAPCA creates its resource directories per service area. Each directory focuses on the resources available to support low income individuals in the area. The nearest known human, health, and/or social service provider is listed. Directories are updated annually prior to August. If you are aware of a new, changing or no longer available resource in any of our services area, please email us at info@capcainc.org. Your support will ensure we provide the most accurate and up to date directory.



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