Donations & Matching Requirements


Donations & Matching Requirements

At CAPCA, we believe that every person deserves a helping hand during challenging times. Our mission is to provide comprehensive assistance to those facing housing, utility, and food hardships, offering a pathway towards self-sufficiency and a brighter future. With the support of compassionate donors like you, we can extend a lifeline to those who need it most.

How Your Donation Can Help: Your contribution, no matter the size, can have a significant impact on the lives of our community members in need. Here's how your donation can make a difference:

  1. Housing Assistance: Your donation will enable us to provide emergency shelter, rental assistance, and transitional housing for individuals and families facing homelessness or precarious living conditions.
  2. Utility Support: With your help, we can prevent utility disconnections and ensure that families can keep their lights on, homes heated, and water running, especially during challenging times.
  3. Food Security: Your contribution will provide nutritious meals and essential groceries to individuals and families experiencing food insecurity, helping them through difficult times.
  4. Matching Requirements: You donation of time, talent, and/or treasure can be doubled when used on programs with a community matching requirement. CAPCA must generate over one million dollars annually to meet funding requirements.

Make a Difference Today: Your donation has the power to change lives and uplift our community. Together, we can create a supportive environment where individuals and families can thrive. Join us in our mission to make a positive impact. Donate today and become a beacon of hope for those in need.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity!